When your car no longer meets your expectations!

Some people prefer to sell their car themselves in order to maximize the selling price.

Here are the steps to follow:

- Start with a good cleaning of the vehicle, inside and outside.

- Make a list of all equipments.

- Take the best photos possible from multiple angles to demonstrate the value of your car.

- Take the time to advertise it on several sites of advertisements.

- Answer your calls, texts and/or emails.

- Set appointments, whether they show up or not...

- When you have found a prospect, he may need financing.

- You have a debt on your vehicle that must be repaid

- At this time, we can help you in the situation with our credit approval service, contact

At any time, you can decide to come and meet us for either:

- See to entrust us your vehicle to sell it

- We sell it directly and we will complete all the documents to pay your balance and issue you a check in your name for the difference. Everything can be done the same day ......... everything will be set!

Contact us at any time, we will be happy to guide you

Nadeau Automobiles offers to keep your vehicle on consignment in order to sell it faster. With our large inventory of used vehicles, we will have sold it in no time.

The Nadeau's team